Sunday Mise en Place (Sept. 10 to 16, ‘018)

I just love Sundays. Not only do I get the chance to blurt out my random thoughts on the Mise en Place, but it is also my day for setting my life up again. And, boy, do I need that right now. This has been a downright wacky couple of weeks, and getting back on track is more than necessary. Sometimes we just need to stop and bring some balance back into our days and our heads. Take care of yourselves first everyone. Now, let’s get into what is going on-

What’s Going On-

Stress is an interesting concept. I wonder how much of it is subjective? When I try really hard to obtain what I think I want I become so anxious and worry too much. When I sit back and just allow the patience, I discover that things flow naturally, and I find that what I need comes to me. What is hard to remember is sometimes whatever you are looking for is also looking for you. It happens in ways that we wouldn’t expect most the time, but everything does work out if you don’t try to force it.

It’s also Virgo season. Which as a Virgo should be getting me pumped up and naturally into getting things done. However, I did have it confirmed for me that being a Virgo in Virgo season is not as easy as it should be. It makes sense when I look back at the years. And, every time the end of August approaches I think things are going to smooth out finally. But, it does take some time for things to settle out a bit. And, really it hit me hard this year. Putting the energizing erratic emotional behaviours of the summer months away and getting into Virgo squirrelly mode can be tough. I’m glad this energy is so helpful for all of the other signs but for us Virgo’s we put a lot of expectations on ourselves to make this month happen instead of allowing it to be. Do I have any Virgos in the comments? How has these last couple of weeks gone for you?

So, essentially what I am saying is things have been a bit sloppy and getting things back in order is the name of the game right now. There is plenty for me to get together. Work has been getting busy, and I have been receiving all kinds of contracts lately. Things are manifesting and its required a lot of my creative energy; creative energy that has to be brewed up instead of flowing right now.

So, I do feel bad that the blog has not received the attention I’d like to give it. It just so happened like that. But, I am glad that I can recognize that struggle and not allow the blog to become work either. I am hoping as I let myself go this week and focus on productivity that things will naturally flow back into routine. Just bear with me, I have lots of ideas, lots of projects and allowing my intuition to prioritize things will be key. Though I would say that you can expect some changes to the Green Onion Blog identity. Because the Green Onion’s identity has been shifting as if the regular readers haven’t figured that one out through the last few Mise en Places.

Right now, instead of trying to write the projects out for you, I am going to go do it for myself. I will create my lists, organize my thoughts, and put the loose pieces into there spots. Once I have that all sorted out, I can just do what I need to do, and everything else I want will just pour out of that. And, we will be back on track before you know it. I am feeling much more balanced by merely acknowledging what I need to do, and I am looking forward to moving ahead again.

Thanks for reading. Take care of yourselves, and just allow things to happen instead of striving for it. There is a beauty to your world right now, and it should be appreciated for what it is.


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  1. kristianw84 says:

    Sundays are the best!! I’m glad you’re getting your life in balance. It’s important, I too, tend to let stress rule my life at times, and I always have to take a step back and say no no, let’s prioritize these needs, one thing at a time! Life needs to be a balance of both work and play! Thank you for sharing! I always enjoy reading your posts, no matter the subject. 🙂


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