Downtown Throwdown: Video Games vs Comic Books

We are going to have to go downtown for this one, people. The debate of ultimate nerdom is upon us. In a head to head fight over the arts, it is time to figure out what reigns supreme: comic books or videa games. It is time for Downtown Throwdown.

Oh, by the way, I am going to call it videa games because that is how I pronounce it.

My close friend EricZor @ ZorEntertainment and I have come to the battle of our friendship. Bonded by life, circumstance and everything else in the world, we still have one big difference between us. The guy loves his videa games. A lot. He has all the latest news, information, and opinions and he likes to share it. There you go, Eric, if that isn’t a plug for your blog I don’t know what is.

Truth is, I understand his passion. It is the same for me and comic books. In our circle of friends, he has always been the videa games guy, and I have been the comic nerd. So, it is finally time for us to ask ourselves. Who wins? Who is the winner at knowing lots about something stupid? What is the better artform: videa games versus comic books.

While Zor_Face gets his post together over here, all about his defence of videa games is dominant, I will be spouting off my support for all the things comics.

Truth is, I have a lot of respect for videa games. They are an art unto themselves. I love the inter-personal connection with the story and art. I appreciate that technology has come so far that we can literally become immersed inside of it. Videa games genuinely are fascinating. And, of course, like everyone else, I have my personal favourites and nostalgic memories. The problem for me is, my enjoyment of videa games stems from my first love: the comic book.

This is when I have a brilliant idea.

If I had a version of myself that loves videa games, I could debate with myself and put this debate to rest. Well, it just so happens, that I have an offspring, I have to feed him dinner soon. And, he loves videa games.

This is when I have an opportunity.

I have the chance not only to discuss how great comic books are, but I can sway my little padawan in the best direction. Yes, yes. I feel so mastermind-y.

Dad: What do you think is better Zyler? Video games or comic books?

Zyler: Umm… … … … … videa games. Wait can I write my part?

The following interview was done in complete silence as a father and son traded the computer back and forth.

Dad: Why do you think videa games are better?

Zyler: umm… … because I do not know.

Dad: Well son, what an opportunity we have here for me to teach you all about the magnificent multiverse of comic books.

Zyler: video games are awesome have you play roblox?

Dad: I have no idea what roblox are? Do you know about how video games are made?

Zyler: No idea.

Dad: Video games are made by a whole team of talented people. It takes hundreds to thousands of people to make a video game. They are all experts in their crafts. They work together to make this creative idea into a reality all adding a piece to the puzzle. Do you know how comic books are made?

Zyler: yes and I think it took 785 people to make make roblox

Dad: Quite possibly, son. The credits for a video game are filled with hardworking people. Comic books have credits too. Sometimes they can be filled with names, sometimes they can have as little as two or just one name. The process of making a comic book come to life is simple, you can even make one right now if you wish?

Zyler: ok and why do you like comic books so much?

Dad: I’m glad you asked son… I’m glad you asked. The true answer Zyler is art is beautiful in any form. We all have something we love and resonate with. We all have music we love or pictures we hang up. The creative process has always been a part of humanity. Art is precious. A comic book is just one of many creative expressions. What kind of art do you like?

Zyler: what kind of art umm paint and pastel and this about what you were telling me like that michel Jackson guy?…

Dad: Kay, this got weird. I don’t know what I told you about Michael Jackson. I don’t know when we ever talked about Michael Jackson. But, let me tell you now, I was probably wrong. Whatever I said.

Zyler: he did de backround for this laptop and your phone and we were talking about it atleast 30 min ago.

Dad: Oh, haha! Android Jones! Michael Jackson… nevermind. Go play son. This is getting off topic.

Zyler: bye daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

Dad: By the way, I am cooking up a pot of soup for dinner. I made it out of all the dirty socks that you leave under your bed, in the couch, on the table, counter and chair, in the bathroom – really? – and every other random corner of the house. Then I added those dirty Kleenex you had kicking in your room for a week. Then I soaked it in the towel that you always leave on the floor after your shower. What I am saying is you need to go clean up or we are going to have sock-snot soup for dinner. I would much rather have something not-disgusting, what about you?

Zyler: you are just joking about de soup I know it LOOL

Dad: I’m in too deep now, Zyler. You called me on my bluff. As a parent, no, as a human being I need to not let that happen. Trust me. I will do it just to show that I’m not kidding. And we’ll both have to eat it. Then we get sick or worms or something. And, it just rolls downhill from there little man, it just rolls down hard after that. So now I am invested in this. Now you have to go clean. Don’t you understand parenting at all? I need you to do something so that I’m not wrong. You have to go clean now.

Zyler: y

Dad: The worms Zyler! The worms.

Zyler: what about the worms?…

Dad: Dude. There are worms that eat brains. There are worms that are so large they traumatize small desert towns. There are worms that come from the land of the dead. Never. And, I mean never underestimate a worm. You never know what kind of worm you’ll catch, but I don’t want one that can eat a Millennium Falcon, would you?

Zyler: wa??

Dad: Seriously? … … I thought I was a better father than this. The Millennium Falcon. Han Solo! Chewbacca. What a Wookie. Remember like all of Star Wars?

Zyler: oh I thout you were talking about a bird falcon and what about star wars again?

Dad: Empire Strikes Back. The Falcon ducks for cover in a cave, but it turns out it was a giant worm. Which reminds me that we are completely off topic. What about getting that cleaning done?

Zyler: why cleaning? wait I need to go see my room. oh that mess its only an old sock wink.

Dad: What is a sock wink?

Things got a little out of hand there. But, that is my argument for why comic books are better. I think? Make sure to check out Zor_blog’s argument for videa games and vote for a winner via the Twitter.


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  1. Nancy says:

    While I am firmly in the #comicbooksarebetter camp- your argument is weak if you can’t even convince your son. Normally, I wouldn’t point this out- but maybe, just maybe- I’m still salty about how you threw Chris Pine under the bus a few months ago. Just sayin’ 😉


    1. Green Onion says:

      I completely agree that my argument fell apart here. But, Pine is still second-rate.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m always happy whenever I end up in posts that are entertaining and worth reading. And yours mate is no exception. After reading both points, I came to the conclusion that you and your son both won. I find it amazing how comic books and video games make excellent tools to bond families.


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