Sunday Mise en Place (Sept. 24 to 30, ‘018)

Welcome back to the Sunday Mise en Place! This weekly post carries so many connotations and has been the most consistent yet wildly inconsistent parts of the blog. The Mise en Place was originally designed as a weekly wrap-up of all the posts that I had written and shared. It quickly became a journal of my everyday life, as I shared what was going on in my world. Most recently it has become an expressive outlet as I have dealt with my personal emotional irregularity and growth.

No matter how it comes out, the Mise en Place is named so accurately. In culinary terms, it is about having all of your ingredients sorted out, cleaned up, and ready to proceed forward with assembling a fantastic dish. Adapting that idea into my week is essential. Sort out what needs to be done, clean up the excess mess, and cook up a great week. With that in mind, it’s time to get cooking, let’s start with cleaning up and get into what’s going on-

What’s Going On-

I have been working in a pretty messy kitchen. I have so many ideas of what I want to do, and where I want to be, that it has become convoluted. It’s like I bought half the ingredients for a hundred different dishes, and I don’t know what to put together. Instead of worrying about getting one dish together I need to clean up and organize. If I can get all the ingredients sorted, prepared, and put away in their proper spots then I can begin to assemble the things I need as I need them.

There is so much rubbish just floating around. My goal this month was getting rid of old baggage. Sticking to our metaphor, I cleared out the kitchen cupboards, got rid of that blender that makes a mess every time I use it; tossed out that can of beans I had to look at every day but it served no purpose; threw away that salad dressing I liked at one time but I don’t need any more. That’s all great, yet I was just clearing things out, I forgot to organize again, straighten things out, and wipe off the shelves. I need to reorganize the whole kitchen of my mind so that I can proceed forward with what serves me now.

I haven’t been cooking. The blog, my work, my days, I have been getting all of these ideas and intentions together, but I have used that as an excuse to avoid applying a lot of it. All of the prep and cleaning is great, but I can’t let that get in the way of putting dinner on the table. If I’m not cooking, how am I even supposed to know what I need and I don’t? How am I supposed to organize the kitchen the way I like if I’m not using it? It is time to get the stove on and create some fresh messes for me to clean later.

Now, let’s put away last week’s leftovers-

Last Week’s Posts-


Finally, all cleaned, all organized, it’s time to get all the ingredients together for a gourmet week. I need some main courses to keep my body fed and happy = I need to put some strong time into work. I need some healthy meals to sustain me in the long-run = I need to spend time on long-term goals and projects. I need some snacks to keep me going throughout the week = I need to get some blog posts out to keep me in writing mode and add a little joy and sweetness to life. It may be vague, but it is a plan. There are some ingredients in the works for the blog this week including October in Pop Culture History, I will be adding a new monthly series that should help keep the Mise en Place less messy, and I will probably start scratching posts off my cumbersome ‘blog ideas’ shopping list.

Alright chefs, thanks for helping me figure out the menu. Good luck in your own kitchens and keep cooking.


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