Sunday Mise en Place (Oct. 1 to 7, ‘018)

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, or as I like to call it, True Thanksgivening. I don’t actually call it that, but I am recalling the extensive debate that occurred last year with a few of my American friends who don’t understand that they are doing Thanksgiving wrong. Anyways, they do plenty wrong in the south, we could spend all week talking on that topic. I’ll get back on track. Welcome back to the Sunday Mise en Place, where I talk about all of the things going on in this adventure I call my life. And as always I like to start with what’s going on-

What’s Going On-

How about this weather? I am certain the weather in your hometown has been fantastic, lovely fall afternoons, crisp evenings perfect for a stroll, whatever. Here, we received our first snowfall, and it was nasty. One day we are enjoying the autumn weather, the leaves changing, and the next day we are living with a foot and half of snow on the ground. It’s just not fair, it’s not right. Why should I be spending my first week of October pushing out stuck cars, getting snow in my boots, and no longer allowed to enjoy my hikes? I don’t know why I ever moved back to Calgary. It often feels like the unluckiest place for weather. I mean honestly, a month ago we were dealing with dangerous air quality because of the smoke from the wildfires. Are we ever allowed to enjoy being outside?

Little Zyler started swimming class again this week. Impressive that the dude has managed to hit level five training with only eight years of life under his belt. However, we may have hit the cap as far as his development is concerned. Level five is past the point of basics and having fun in the water and more about endurance and survival. His first 20 minutes of his first class was spent doing lap after lap of the dreaded front crawl. My poor boy was exhausted, I could tell from the bleachers as he was no longer swimming but floating his way from end to end by the time class was ending. Maybe, I’ll give him a couple of years of physical development before we do another swim class. It is hockey season…

Other than all of that it has been a week of working, focus, and getting on track. Taking the opportunities that come my way, and being ready for them, instead of playing catch-up. I am all about digging myself out of where I am at right now and grabbing life by the proverbial balls. So, my head’s been down and deep in work this week. Thank goodness, I needed a break from all of the emotions that have been dictating my last few months.

Last Week’s Posts-

  • I hope you didn’t miss this month’s Pop Culture History lesson. It’s always a fun read, and I love sharing them.
  • You may have noticed that the Mise en Place is much more on track this week. That is because I got all the mindfulness stuff out here: Begin Anew – Octobers Intentions.
  • Fall also brings all of the TV shows we love, and this year I am back reviewing The Simpsons and Family Guy, check out the first reviews. Also, I got the chance to review Big Mouth season 2 from Netflix.
  • Psillow is a new site that I am excited to be working for. I had the opportunity to create recipes using an ingredient that you won’t find in most cookbooks or restaurants, magic mushrooms. I may be past my days of having fun, but I can still enjoy writing about it. Read this weeks recipe focused on micro-dosing in a shroom spice mix.


I actually have a schedule written out for the blog! What? I did it. Every blogger in the history of bloggening has talked about it, set the intention of doing it, but those dreams can actually come true. The myth has become a reality. A blog schedule has been written. So, there are lots of good things coming down the pipe including some fresh top ten lists, some creative, original posts, and maybe a few reviews will pop up. The blog still sits a few numbers down on my list of priorities, but as long as everything goes smoothly, it should be an exciting few weeks around the Green Onion Blog.

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  1. mydangblog says:

    Happy Actual Thanksgiving to you too! Calgary has been hit really hard this year–I hope you end up with a milder winter. They’re saying Ontario will suffer the storms but who can predict? At any rate, the fall colours are gorgeous here for a change!


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