Sunday Mise en Place (Oct. 15 to 21, ‘018)

Greetings, and whatnot. Welcome back to the Sunday Mise en Place. A weekly update on all the things going on in my world. The Green Onion Blog has been a significant part of my life for a few years now, and as my freelance writing career propels ahead, I love having the freedom to write on whatever the hell I want. The Sunday Mise en Place specifically has recently helped me deal with a lot of emotional issues while keeping me aligned and centred. Though, I am happy that things are settling down and getting back on track. So, thank you for all of the love and support these last few months. Now, let’s get into things again.

What’s Going On-

So, cannabis has become officially legalized in Canada this week. It’s an exciting time around here, and I am genuinely interested in being alive to watch this cultural shift occur. I did swing by one of the first legal dispensaries – which I like to call a grass station – but, it was way too busy. Like, hundreds of people in line busy. But, besides visiting these grass stations, not much will change for me. I have always enjoyed the odd joint, and I don’t see that changing for any purpose. But, it is sweet that I am a law-abiding citizen again.

Hoo. Work has been picking up for me again. As if you couldn’t tell, my focus has been a little construed lately. But, I am happy to say that persistence is beginning to pay off for me. And, it has to, I mean I am still kicking, and I do have some younglings to look out for. Anyways, in the last couple of weeks, I have taken on a slew of new clients, contracts, and articles. It does feel like all my efforts are finally manifesting and right now it is all about application. I have to keep my head down and push through right now. That’s cool with me, I could use the break from the emotional torment called life.

I have such a busy week ahead of me. Like, my schedule is filled up with obligations, but lots of them are fun. I am very much looking forward to Thursday evening. Lucky me, I get to take my little Alexandra to her very first school dance. That’s right, dad gets to be the first boy to bring this amazing girl to a dance. And, she is going to be quite the date I am sure. The girl loves to dance. So, I am expecting to be wiped out after from an entire evening spent on the dance floor.

Last Week’s Posts-


As I mentioned, there is a lot going on for work for me right now. While I have had the intentions of getting the Green Onion Blog back on a much more consistent track, money has to take priority. That does mean that you can look forward to a lot of exciting things coming from me in all sorts of corners of the web. However, getting the blog situated again is still on my list of priorities, and hopefully, after this busy week, a more sustainable routine can be developed. I do hope to get a couple of fun posts out this week still. I mean, I do like to have fun. I’d like to have fun again.


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  1. aichaboubakr says:

    I love this, it really made me smile. Oh, good luck with your father daughter’s date.


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