Sunday Mise en Place (Oct. 28 to Nov. 4, ‘018)

And, we’re back for another Sunday Mise en Place, my favourite place to talk about a whole bunch of nothing and everything. This is the best place to come to get all of the updates on what is going on in the world of the Green Onion, as well as find all of my writing and blogging goodness. With 2018 being a wild ride for me, blogging has proven one of the tougher things for me to keep up on. When there are a billion other things to stress out about, somethings just need to take a back seat. However, I am glad that I can still share once and a while, and that some of you have stuck with me through it all. Anyways, let’s get back on track and see what’s going on more recently.

What’s Going On-

Ch-ch-ch-changes. Looking back and looking forward at my life it is clear that a lot of things need to be turned upside down. Over the last few months, I have been extremely focused on remedying many of my personal emotional blockages. It has been quite successful, I honestly feel fresh, clear, and like a new man. Now, though, it is time for me to figure out a lot more of the practical logistics that are going to get me back on track with where I would like to be. Instead of trying to put things back together, it is time to build. So, the blog may be slow for a little while longer, but as things come to fruition, this creative outlet will be a healthy part of taking care of my self.

Oh, snap. How was everyone’s Halloween? This was actually one of the best years I have had since being a father. The kids made their comic nerd father proud by opting to collaborate their costumes as two of the most entertaining characters in the MCU, Rocket and Groot (picture below). We also went to my old favourite trick-or-treating spots and they cashed in, pulling their best haul yet. Most importantly, we all had a blast of a time with only limited stomach aches. Plus, we had another visitor in the form of the tooth fairy as both kids happened to lose a tooth that same night. Must be all the candy.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Where is the picture of Rocket and Groot? Must see the cuteness!


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