Sunday Mise en Place (Nov. 12 to 18, ‘018)

Welcome back for another round of the Sunday Mise en Place. We are over half way through November which means we are approaching Christmas real quick. A drive past the mall parking lot yesterday made that a reality for me. It’s time to get ready for that time of year again. Which is just more stress to add to what’s already going on.

What’s Going On-

Well, last week I was feeling optimistic about a few things coming down the pipe. It didn’t work out well. In fact, none of the things I discussed worked out at all. It actually got worse, and then I had a few other things fall apart on me to boot with bad news and what-not. It was actually one of the worst, bad luck, no good weeks I have had in a couple of months. But, such is the way things go.

It must be so strange for those who habitually read this Mise en Place. Every week seems to go back and forth for me from being grand to things going wrong. Really, that is how things have been. All I can do is pick back up and start a new plan, Plan #452. At this point, it would be nice to run away to Argentina or something and start all over again. But, I can’t, so, I’ll keep my head up and fight on.

On a good note though, I am taking positive action and everybody is still safe and healthy. Oh, and there’s this, which I don’t think came out as it was intended:

That’s really all I have to say after this week. I will be back on track eventually.


One Comment Add yours

  1. mydangblog says:

    Sending you the best and really hoping you don’t try the meatloaf and mayo!


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