Sunday Mise en Place (Dec. 3 to 9, ‘018)

Geez, when December hits it hits hard and fast, eh? That countdown to Christmas no longer becomes a creep, but more of a piano falling faster and faster on top of you. There is so much get done this time of year, and every single year I tell myself I am going to be more prepared. Still, it comes out of nowhere with it just as hectic as always. Though we all know it is worth it when the enjoyable events finally come together, and we can relax and be merry and what-not. It is one heck of a season. Anyways, you’re all probably wondering what’s going on after my big news last week.

What’s Going On-

It was a heavy week indeed. I have been all over the place with emotional highs and lows coming at me from all kinds of directions. Obviously, the biggest thing to happen this week was the family court hearing that I mentioned in the previous Mise en Place. I was more nervous than the last eleven times we have done this, I must have known it would be intense. Because it was. It is one of the freakiest experiences when so much of your life is out of your hands, and you have to trust a couple of lawyers and a judge to do the best thing within a twenty-minute conversation. I can prepare as much as I can and work on my affidavit for weeks to perfect each word, but when it comes to the moment, powerless. It’s a shaky system we have constructed.

Long story short, as difficult as it was, and as much as the judge misinterpreted my side of things, I am happy to say that my son is safe. I am sure most of you wonder what it is like for me to be a man in this situation. There is no doubt that mothers typically have more pull when it comes to separations and divorce. I wish I could say that it doesn’t really present itself as an issue. And, in a courtroom, it doesn’t often play a part. However, I do not believe for a second that if the roles were reversed that a mother would have to continue to fight as hard as I do to protect her child. Thankfully, this week I finally walked away with a sigh of relief, as my son has been given the next year to worry about nothing more than being a kid with visits being suspended until next December. I would like to thank everybody you sent their well wishes and support last week, I appreciate all the love.

With that all said, it really gives me the opportunity to make 2019 an incredible year for Zyler and I. It all starts right now with building momentum for New Years. No point in waiting for that countdown to set new goals and intentions. I want to build a Christmas miracle and have things start to come together. Only two more Mise en Place’s left until the big day!

Last Week’s Posts –

Upcoming –

There are a couple of fun posts coming out on the blog this week. I have also been considering getting back to some regular reviewing. I mean there have been so many great comics and movies that I have missed the chance to talk about. And, damn, that Avengers: Endgame trailer… just damn, that is all I have to say about that.

Let’s enjoy this final push to the holidays and make this the best time of year.


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  1. Laura Beth says:

    I was thinking about you all week. I’m glad that Zyler is safe. That’s all that matters. And I’m with you, December is always hectic and crazy, despite trying so hard to prepare!

    For me, I’m incredibly grateful that this weekend was just nasty, miserable rain, and not the snow that many others got walloped with! Our two new dogs hate us right now for making them go out and do their business in the cold, wind, and rain, but I’m looking forward to sunshine returning soon!


  2. mydangblog says:

    Such a great result for you and Zyler!


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