Must-See Movies of 2019

Get ready for the Disney gauntlet.  The franchise has solidified their takeover of entertainment and 2019 is shaping up to be their year of destruction.  Well, I for one am super excited about it.  There are so many great films to come out this year that I should probably just rent out a permanent seat at the theatre.  Let’s have a look at this year’s must-sees, and let me know what you can’t miss and if I missed anything.


Glass (Jan. 18)


I am not used to seeing any movie that is released in January – it’s typically an off month.  However, Glass is a cannot miss.  Unbreakable is still one of my favourite comic book films ever, and the ending of Split blew my mind.  For all of it to culminate together is kind of a big deal.  I’ll be there for this one, for certain.


Reign of the Supermen (Jan. 24)



The DCEU may be terrible so far – aside from Wonder Woman – but, the animated universe is still going strong.  I get pretty excited whenever these films drop, and after last year’s Death of Superman movie, this follow-up will be a trip down comic nostalgia memory lane.


The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (Feb. 8)


Out of all the movies I have ever seen based off of a random toy line, The LEGO Movie has thus far been the most brilliant.  Well deserved of a sequel, we should all be excited to return to this world of bricks and complete randomness.


How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (Feb. 22)


I can be a sucker for the How to Train Your Dragon series, and by the looks of their box office numbers, I’m not the only one.  Well, if the franchise can keep up all the feels of the other instalments, then they should keep them coming.

Captain Marvel (Mar. 8)


She’s coming!  Captain Marvel may not be that well known of a character for nerds that haven’t been reading comics over the last ten years, but she is kind of a big deal.  Her arrival in the MCU should make a splash and give us some hints as to what to expect in the next Avengers instalment.


Us (Mar. 15)


Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ was a surprise masterpiece in 2017.  The arrival of his next movie has been highly anticipated and should be.  I am trying not to let anything spoil this one for me, it should be a solid surprise.


Justice League vs. The Fatal Five (Spring)


Honestly, DC should just take all the moneys they got going into live action and go hard on their animated universe.  The Justice League that they have assembled in Justice League: War is the best we have seen so far, I can’t wait for more.


Dumbo (Mar. 29)


I told you Disney was going hard this year.  Dumbo is the first of three reimaginings of their classic film line up.  The original is super weird, seriously, it’s a total trip to watch nowadays.  So, I hope this one bugs me right out.


Shazam! (Apr. 5)


I don’t know about the DCEU at all.  But, Shazam! has a lot going for it that can make a great movie.  A kid magically becomes a superhero… that’s pretty much all you need for a great film.  I hope they channel some 90’s filmmaking to knock this one out of the park.


Hellboy (Apr. 12)


I wasn’t a big fan of the other Hellboy movies, but I hold out hope that this is the one we have all been waiting for.


Avengers: Endgame (Apr. 26


I hope they move this one up a week ahead of schedule like they did for Infinity War because I can’t wait.  I couldn’t be more pumped for a movie.


Detective Pikachu (May 10)


It’s the Pokemon in the real world.  The little 12-year-old in me who played the original Pokemon Red would be going crazy.  But now I have an 8-year-old who is losing it for me.  We’ll be there, I can guarantee it.


Aladdin (May 24)


Out of all the Disney movies I have seen Aladdin the most.  I watched it religiously as a kid.  Not to say it is my hands down favourite (Alice in Wonderland), but Aladdin holds a place in my heart.  Please don’t mess this one up.


Godzilla: King of Monsters (May 31)


Seriously, have you watched the preview for this one yet?  You should.  It looks crazy and packed full of gigantic monsters.  I love that they are doing this cross-universe thing for big monsters and I hold out hope that one day we will get a Mecha-Godzilla movie.


X-Men: Dark Phoenix (June 7)


X-Men movies can be extremely hit or miss.  We’ll see.  I mean, I have to see.


Toy Story 4 (June 21)


How much more emotional torture can these little toys do to us?  Toy Story was another pretty significant moment in my childhood so I will partake in this one simply for nostalgic sake.


Spider-Man: Far From Home (July 5)


I love me some MCU, and I love me some Spider-Man.  This’ll be a great movie, automatically.  And, to bring in a villain like Mysterio is a ballsy, but epic move.

Lion King (July 19)


It’s like the media never wants me to grow up.  Just keep dropping all of my favourite things from childhood so that I cant focus on adult life.  I love it.


Batman: Hush (Summer)


I like to rave about the DC Animated movies, but this one has a chance to take the cake and kick the whole franchise to another level.  I love this comic, I love this villain, so I will probably love this movie.


The New Mutants (Aug. 2)


We have only been waiting for years for this film to drop, but it seems to have a solidified release date now.  It looks pretty good, and they are not so focused on the superhero genre as much as making a cool film, which is a winning attitude.


IT Chapter Two (Sept. 6)


Damn, that clown is creepy.

Joker (Oct. 4)


But, this one is creepier.  At least it’s not Jared Leto, so already we have a chance for a fantastic film here.  I don’t want to get my hopes up until we see more though.


The Addams Family (Oct. 11)


Yes.  The Addams Family is making yet another return.  I don’t know if this can hold up against my favourite 90’s rendition, but it’s animated, so they’re not trying to compete as much as make a fun family film.


Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Oct. 11)


Okay, seriously, just take everything I loved from when I was 6 to 13 and make movies about them.  I would love to see this show come back, but a film will do.  It would be cool if they make it a bunch of short films in one.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Nov. 8)


How? Why? I don’t care, I know I’ll watch it.  But, when the hell are we getting a Zelda movie?  Come on!


Masters of the Universe (Dec. 18)


I hope so bad they make this movie corny as hell.  You cant make He-Man cool again, we were naïve back then.  You have to go corny, or this will not work.


Star Wars: Episode IX (Dec. 20)


And, there it is.  This is going to be a hell of a conclusion to a year of amazing movies.  It’s Star Wars, what do I really have to say.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura Beth says:

    Together, Al and I are stoked for Captain Marvel, Shazam!, Avengers, and Star Wars. I’m personally excited for The Addams Family and Are You Afraid of the Dark? Al is positively giddy for Godzilla.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      An Are You Afraid of the Dark movie sounds great, eh? I don’t know what to expect though. And, of course he’s giddy for Godzilla, the trailer looks absolutely incredible.


  2. Karl says:

    I think I’m going to be bankrupt this year.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie of all-time! Like you, I’ve certainly seen it more than any other. I’m cautiously excited for this. I can’t believe Disney is releasing THREE of these adaptations this year though. I’m surprised they aren’t slowing it a bit. But c’este la vie. Let’s see what happens!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      I agree. I feel like I would be way more excited for any of them if it were the only one coming out.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Even the Marvel movies, which I love, start to feel that way. I’ll barely have time to catch my breath from ‘Captain Marvel’ before ‘Endgame’ hits and then as I’m trying to process that emotional maelstrom it’ll be time for ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home.’ I’m excited for them all…but I also like to savor them. Still, it’s not a bad problem to have :). But give me time to feel my feelings Disney!


  4. There are so many movies on this list that I can’t wait to see 😍


  5. Nancy says:

    I look forward to how Captain Marvel & Endgame will tie into one another. Us should be creepy awesomeness, And finally Star Wars! How will Leia’s storyline wrap up???


  6. Lacey says:

    There’s some here I’m really excited for!


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