Comic Review: Fantastic Four #2


The Background-


So, it’s been a while since I have done a comic review for the blog.  Since August to be exact.  Life has a way of getting in the way of things sometimes.  But, I love blogging, I love comics, and I love to write so I couldn’t stay back for much longer.  In my absence, I fell pretty far back with the comics that I was regularly reviewing.  I am hoping to remedy that by catching up fast and hard.  Basically, get ready for a comic review bonanza.


Of all the comic titles that are out there right now, there is none more important to me than the Fantastic Four.  Since the Green Onion Blog started, I have been pretty open about my love for the first superhero family.  I voiced for years my anguish that the title was no longer being released.  And, when it returned last summer, you can be sure I was one of the most excited nerds out there.  Unfortunately, it was after just the first issue that I got distracted.  That’s also good news, as I can now read four new issues of my favourite comic consecutively.


Months after it happened, I will be finally seeing the Fantastic Four reunited!  The first issue was kind of a set up for what’s to come.  So, let’s get into this bad boy, and keep a look out for the rest of the reviews, and maybe a few other titles while we’re at it.


The Cover-


Well, this is an action-packed cover from Esad Ribic.  Where the first issue focused on Ben Grimm and Johnny, I think it is safe to say this issue will feature Sue, Reed, and the Future Foundation, as seen on the cover.  This group of super-geniuses have been lost in space for nearly a decade, so needless to say, we’re all a bit curious as to what the heck they have been up to.


The Story-


Well, it turns out Reed and Sue are doing what they have always done, adventuring and learning.  With the help of Franklin’s incredible powers to create entire universes in his mind, the Future Foundation has no shortage of places to explore.  It actually looks like quite the incredible life, bouncing from one universe to the next and discovering things that have never been seen before.  In fact, they seem quite content with their lives – despite everyone on Earth freaking out about what happened to them.


Unfortunately, we come upon this group just as Franklin’s universe-creating ability falls on empty.  They are kind of stuck with what they got.  To make matters worse, entropy in human form, The Griever, has come to undo all that they have accomplished, and of course, kill the Future Foundation for good measure.  Mr. Fantastic is smart enough to convince her that she would be nothing if the complete Fantastic Four were together.  Which leads us to the point in issue one where Ben and Johnny see the ‘4’ signal beaming through space.  However, this is more than a signal, its there to bring Thing and Torch through the universe to help, and they aren’t the only ones invited.


The Review-


Well, I feel like we kind of knew what the Future Foundation was up to.  It is hard to recall when they established that the team was alright, but it seems there are no crazy surprises regarding their absence.  You think they could have done something a bit out of the norm.  I was hoping they would age the kids further, or at least have some new member or something.  It’s not that I am disappointed, I am excited to have the Fantastic Four almost together again, it just feels like a missed opportunity to change things up a bit.


We are in Dan Slott’s house now.  It is pretty evident that the man who penned Spider-Man for all of those years is not only ready for this challenge, but he has big plans.  I mean, handing over the keys to Fantastic Four is kind of like handing the keys over to the entire galaxy.  So, while we can expect these first few issues to be more about re-establishing the characters into a new status quo, the fact we saw over a dozen universes in this second issue should give us enough confidence that Slott is the man for this job.


Of course, there is nothing more exciting about this issue than the final few pages.  The team is officially back together!  Not only that, but they brought the whole “extended family” including everyone from Ant-Man to HERBIE.  Though, I do always wonder, whenever these characters get transported to another universe or dimension or what-not, how are they always in their gear and ready to go?  It’s not like Spider-Man is always sitting around in his costume waiting for something to happen.  In fact, if he is in his costume, it would be safe to assume the guy is pretty busy.  But, I guess they aren’t going to just throw Spidey in space right after a bath or something.


Anyways, good little issue that got us up to date with everything going on with the Future Foundation.  And, thankfully for us, the Fantastic Four will be diving right into the action in the next issue.  I cannot wait, and I am curious to see what everybody does when this little situation gets sorted out.


The Score-



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  1. mydangblog says:

    Thanks for the review–I don’t really know much about the comic outside of the movie so it was great to learn more!


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