Comic Review: Fantastic Four #3


The Background –


Fantastic Four #3, back in the full swing of things.  In the first couple of issues we discovered what the team has been up to – with Ben and Johnny at home on Earth, lost with what to do; and Sue and Reed discovering themselves by adventuring through the cosmos with the rest of the Future Foundation.  However, in the final moments of issue #2, the team was finally reunited, with a whole slew of old friends.


This is it, folks.  Not only do we have the team back together, but a whole assortment of allies to remember the best of days of the Fantastic Four.  Facing off against a villain of unimaginable power, this is what this book, these characters, and this family does best.  Let’s dive in-


The Cover –


Oh, yes!  This is a cover to remember.  While issue one had an insane amount of variants that were all amazing, this may be my new favourite main cover.  It has it all, the Fantastic Four and all of their companions ready to battle any such thing.  I have to say, Black Panther looks exceptionally dope in this just chilling with the Hulk.


The Story –


With the remainder of the FF and all of their friends safely transported to this random universe, it is time for the team to get down to business.  Of course, Reed has a plan to deal with the unbeatable Griever that is bent on destroying everything.  But first, the original FF team members take a moment for themselves – which is super cute of them.


With their companions help the team is able to easily distract Griever from Reed’s true plan of destroying her ship and only way of travelling the universe.  There are a couple of random enjoyable moments like the curious question of why Iceman made the team, and Hulk doing most the heavy lifting, but not wanting anyone to know he was there.  These pages are mostly filled with reunions and fun little moments.


In the end, the Fantastic Four triumphs as always and the Griever is sent home – not without swearing her revenge, obviously.  Thankfully with this many geniuses in one spot putting together a broken spaceship from whatever random dimension is a piece of cake.  And, what would this reunion be if Ben did not ask Reed to be his best man, as he recently engaged Alicia.


The Review –


Fun, fun, fun.  This was the book we were all waiting for, the sappy reunion of Marvel’s first family.  Giving these characters a chance to have a moment together when the whole galaxy is in jeopardy is just the kind of thing that they have to do.  But, it was even more touching to see Ben and Johnny reunite with their nephew and niece.  In proper fashion, everything has to be moved along quickly so that they can accomplish their goal of not dying.


There are many funny moments in this issue, but hands down my favourite belongs to Spidey.  As Franklin is questioning his ability to face down a god, Spider-Man comes in with his old story of power and responsibility.  Ben ain’t having none of that and quickly shuts the web-head down, and boosts his nephew’s self-esteem by promising to fight alongside him.  Way to go Spidey, put all the pressure on the teenager.


This issue felt like old school comic fun with all the jokes and the action wrapping up quite conveniently.  I wouldn’t want the official reunion of this team to be any different.  Though, now it is time for this group to head on home and really get into some original Fantastic Four stories.  I can’t wait to see old villains, and see where the Fantastic Four fit into the Marvel Universe in 2019.


The Score –



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