Comic Review: Fantastic Four #5


The Background –

Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters, a classic comic book relationship that is often overshadowed by the classics of Lois and Clark, Peter and Mary Jane, or even Rogue and Gambit.  But, the truth of the matter is, this is a relationship that has stood through all of what those couples have and more.  It is a special bond between a gentle monster and a blind woman who has had a terrible life.  This is one of the most special couples in all of comic book lore.  And, now we get to see these two finally come together in this wedding special.


The Cover –


A powerfully well-done cover that features the heart of these two.  Mr. Fantastic’s hands doing the heart thing is a little weird, but also super cute.  But, what’s most touching is the memoriam for the late Stan Lee.  It leaves us wondering if Stan ever intended to have these two tie the knot.  And, it is a shame that he never got to see it happen.


The Story –

This extra-sized issue is broken into three parts.  The first features Invisible Girl herself taking time out of her move into Yancy Street to teach the ever-lovin’ Ben Grimm how to dance.  The touching moment is even more heartfelt as Sue is reminded of their early days when Ben still had a thing for her.  Her torment of what happened to Ben is now a thing of the past as she is so happy to see where he has come.


In the second part, Johnny is left with the responsibility of hosting the bachelor party – which of course he does whole hog.  With appearances from all sorts of Marvel heroes, these pages are full of fun.  But, Johnny may have gone a little overboard with his plans and caused more damage than good.  Though Ben would never hold that against Johnny, they are closer than brothers.


And, as all of this happened, Reed, of course, struggles with being present and is isolated in his lab.  As the wedding takes place, Reed arrives in the nick of time, but so does imminent destruction as Dr. Doom and Galactus have their own plans on this special day.  Thankfully, Reed has been working hard to make sure this day isn’t interrupted and buys the couple 4 spare minutes to conclude their wonderful ceremony.  And, like that Alicia and Ben are officially married.


The Review –

D’awww.  Friggin’ cute book.  I’m not crying, it’s just dusty here is all.  Come on guys, it’s the wedding of Alicia and Ben!  If there is a character more deserving of love and happiness show him to me because Ben has always signified that anguish inside of us all between the monster and the good.  This wedding makes me happy, it gives the good guys hope.


I loved how this 60-page special issue was broken up into three parts.  It gave Ben a chance to share a moment with his three teammates and family members.  All three of them were very touching moments and are very true to the heart of this title.  Further, each story was done in a manner that was real to the characters and showcased the incredible dynamic of this family.  It was also great to see a flashback to when Alicia and Ben had first met.


Further, this wasn’t just a sap session full of mushy love.  There was some action, but more importantly humour and reunions.  This was the celebration it needed to be.  Old friends came in for a cameo, a lot of them differ from those we saw just an issue ago.  I think Spider-Man has appeared in almost all of the issues thus far.  Which is great for the dynamic that him and Thing share.  But, even Tony Stark and Thor were able to take time out to celebrate with their old friend, which is all fun and an homage to the way comics used to be.


Needless to say, I loved everything about this book.  We even got appearances from two of the teams greatest foes, Dr. Doom and Galactus.  There were jokes, there were memories and a beautiful ceremony.  It was everything it needed to be.  And, now that the team is together again, a new status quo has been established, and old villains are rearing their heads again, it is time for the Fantastic Four to get down to business.


The Score –



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  1. THIS was the issue that did it for me! I laughed. I cried. It was thoughtful and heartfelt. I loved it! This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I’ll be honest, Dan Slott’s first four issues were just alright for me. Maybe the hype was too high but I figured I’d give it to the wedding before deciding to drop it from my pull list and read it in trades or on Marvel Unlimited (conversely I’ve loved everything he’s done on ‘Tony Stark: Iron Man’ so far). But WOW this was brilliant! You can count me ALL IN now for what Dan Slott has in store for the FF. This was everything I wanted it to be and more. Woo hoo!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      Yeah, I hear what you are saying, but you have to give Slott credit for the condition the team was in when he got the title. Regardless of what happened, it was going to take a few books to get the team back together and on Earth again. But, this wedding special was done in such style that it is hard not to love. Now we get some Doom/Galactus action. Not too bad.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I do give him a lot of credit for that! (I didn’t mean to come off disparaging, if I did.) When I heard the FF were coming back for real, I felt Dan Slott was the perfect man for the job. His time on Spidey proved he is a true comic lover and he’s bringing that fan love to the FF. But my comic budget can only be so big though! So I was debating on this being a monthly one or not. I went back and forth with the first few issues but, like you said, he got everyone back together and he has me completely hooked now.

        And I am so intrigued to see what happens with Doom and Galactus. I’m especially intrigued because I loved what Bendis did with Doom as the Infamous Iron Man. I’m excited to see how Slott uses that characte development here!


  2. Nancy says:

    Finally a couple that actually got married! I’m still salty about Batman/Cat Woman and Kitty Pryde/Colossus.

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