Comic Review: Fantastic Four #7



The Background –  

Once upon a time, the King and the Man, Jack and Stan, put together a comic book that would change the world.  The world’s greatest superhero family, The Fantastic Four, shook a publishing industry by storm and spawned some of the most creative characters that are to this day dominating entertainment media.  The duo produced 102 issues of that original comic title, with some of the greatest comic books ever made coming out of that run. 


The most notable and memorable stories made by Kirby and Lee was a three-issue arch known as the “Galactus Trilogy”.  Fantastic Four #48-50 introduced us to the fan favourite Silver Surfer, and the force of nature known as Galactus.  The world eater was a creative masterpiece of its time and continues to be one of the most dominant villains in the Marvel Universe – despite swearing an oath to Reed Richards that he would never return to Earth in fear of ultimate nullification. 


As the Fantastic Four have made their comic book comeback just seven issues ago, nobody would have expected to see the mighty Galactus so soon, if at all.  However, it did not take him and Dr. Doom long as they showed their ugly mugs during Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters wedding.  And here we are.  A Doom has a plan, but the world eater plays a part and the FF are bamboozled by what the heck is going on.  And so are we, so let’s get into it already. 


The Cover –   


Doom and Reed teaming up to fight Galactus!  What a monumental cover.  Like, you don’t get to see covers like this every month.  This is a significant event for seven-issues into the Fantastic.  I love me some Galactus.  In fact, a Galactus figure is one of the only toys that stands proudly in my house.  Mostly as a symbol for the height of what creative ability can accomplish, but he is a predominant character in my heart.  So, a cover such as this is a thing to behold.  I love it. 


The Story –  

Dr. Doom is a mastermind.  It is no doubt that he has summoned Galactus with a highly derived plan behind it.  Victorious, Doom’s new minion, is nothing but bait as something for Galactus to feed on.  And, of course, he also intended for the FF to show up and assist him in his goal.  But what is his purpose here?  Doom wants to turn the world-eater into his altered state Lifebringer!  And, just as the team is able to bring Galactus down, Doom quickly turns on the FF and plans to destroy them now that their usefulness is over. 


The Review –  

Where to even begin with this best issue of the series thus far.  The whole book from panel to panel is packed full of goodness and fun.  This is precisely where you would hope the FF would be with their triumphant return – fighting some of their best villains in an ultimate showdown. 


Each character in this book is done perfectly, especially Doom and his arrogance.  While being packed full of the action and adventure that you need for these books to succeed.    I was excited when the new character, Victorious, was introduced.  So, it was kind of fun to find out that she was nothing but bait to lure Galactus.  Though, a powerhouse like that, you know that Doom isn’t just going to throw that away.  Obviously, she can be useful down the road.  And, her dynamic with Johnny Storm is developing, so I am interested to see where that goes. 


It was absolutely the way that Dr. Doom was written in this particular issue that I loved.  His arrogance and treatment of his rival Reed was evident and strong.  You just cannot help but love and hate this villain especially when he is done as well as he is in these pages.  Though, messing with Galactus is probably a bad call.  I mean, I could easily see this all blowing up in the tyrant’s face in the next issue or two.   


As I mentioned, this is by far the best issue that we have seen thus far of the rebooted FF title.  Anyone who has stuck through and read through to this point should be getting terribly excited about what is next on the table.  Honestly, we haven’t had Fantastic Four books this good in well over a decade.  It’s hard to think that there could be anything to make this issue any better.  And, I don’t wanna sit here and boast much more about how fantastic it was. 


The Score –  



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