Junior Onion Reviews – Avengers: Endgame

Welcome to the first official Junior Onion Reviews!  This new blog series is a special project initiated by my own offspring to talk about our favourite films.  We did do a little set up for these posts last week, so if you missed out on that, check it out here.  Essentially, we thought everybody would be interested in reading the opinions of an 8-year-old on all of the biggest blockbusters.  And, it all kicks off here with what may be the most significant movie of this guy’s entire childhood.

Let’s just get into things here.  Again, keep in mind this is a kid sharing his honest opinions, so if you differ, keep it to yourself, we don’t really care.  He’s the kid, if his opinion is unpopular with you, maybe you’re wrong.  And, parts of Junior’s answers will be edited for clarity purposes as he learns the ropes.





Green Onion: Hey, dork brains, are you excited for our first big review on the blog together?

Junior Onion: Yes, this is exciting for me!

GO: Me too.  We were lucky enough to see Avengers: Endgame on opening night.  But, what’s the word on the school grounds?  Are lots of kids talking about the movie, or wanting to see the film?  What are the grade three kids talking about?

JO: The kids at my school like my bff, he told me he wants to see it, but most of the other kids are not that excited for it.

GO: Dang kids too busy playing their Fortnite.  If this happened when I was a kid, it would have been a big deal.  Is everybody at least talking about the new Avengers theme in Fortnite?

JO: Everybody’s talking about it who has Fortnite in my class.  Including me.

GO: Yeah, I figured.  Well, I’m excited to talk about this movie a bit finally.  There has been a lot of people worried about spoilers.  So, I have tried not to say anything.  Did you spoil the movie for anybody?

JO: Nope, not even my uncle, who does not even want to see the trailers. And it’s so hard not to spoil anything.

GO: It is hard not to talk about that’s for sure,.  And, yeah, Uncle Mel was anxious that you were going to say something when he was hanging out with you on Friday.  Good job on not saying anything.  I was at the Calgary Comic Expo all weekend, and it was hard not to say anything in case somebody overheard it by accident.  But, now we can, at least here, so, what did you think about Avengers: Endgame?

JO: I liked it a lot but I was really amazed, but I did not like some spots.

GO: I agree, I feel the same way.  Most of the movie was fantastic, but there were some things that I really did not like.  It can be hard to please everyone though.  Let’s talk about some of your favourite parts, what did you like?

JO: Well, I was like “what?” When Korg and Thor were playing Fortnite.  And, when Captain America picked up Thor’s hammer.

GO: I have to be honest, and this may be a highly unpopular opinion, I really didn’t like Captain America picking up Mjolnir.  It is something that has happened in the comics before, and I know they alluded to it in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but when it happened, it pulled me out of the movie.  I thought it was kind of corny.  My favourite scene was probably at the beginning when they go to fight Thanos, and they chop his head off.  Was that scene a little scary for you, some people are saying that it wasn’t very kid-friendly?

JO: It was not that scary for me when his head was chopped off.  What’s Mjolnir?  And, I did like when Captain America picked up Thor’s hammer.

GO: Oh, Mjolnir is the name of Thor’s hammer, they mention it a few times, but I know it from the comic books.  And, of course, his new weapon is Stormbringer.  What were some of the things that you didn’t like about Endgame?

JO: I did not like when Thor got fat, and when Iron Man died because it was so sad.

GO: Haha, I loved fat Thor, it was a fun addition.  A significant change for the character who has been through a lot.  He has lost a lot, and he didn’t have much left to fight for.  Plus, there were some funny references regarding Thor that probably went over your head, like Big Lebowski.  I kind of saw Iron Man dying by the tone of the movie early on, but it was sad.  Do you think they will bring him back for other films?  Or maybe a new Iron Man will come up?

JO: I think that Iron Man’s wife will be the new Iron Woman.  Or, Iron Man will be gone forever.

GO: Interesting, Stark’s wife Pepper did take on the Rescue armour for this movie which was fun.  There could also be a younger group of Avengers with Hawkeye and Antman having children that could step up.  There is also a young woman called Riri Williams in the comics that becomes Iron Heart.  He also has his own daughter and a young protégé that appeared in Iron Man 3 and at his funeral at the end of Endgame.  So, they do have options.  But, Iron Man might still appear as a hologram or something.

GO: Speed round!

GO: Favourite character in Endgame?

JO: Captain America.

GO: Least favourite character?

JO: None.

GO: Professor Hulk or Fat Thor?

JO: Professor Hulk

GO: What are you most excited for from the MCU after Endgame?

JO: Spider-Man

GO: Who had the saddest ending: Black Widow, Captain America, or Iron Man?

JO: Black Widow

GO: What was the best place that they travel back in time to?

JO: Avengers 1

GO: Avengers: Endgame or Avengers: Infinity War?

JO: Endgame

GO: Interesting choices.  My favourite character was definitely Ant-Man, he finally got to play a significant role, and he was still a lot of fun, like when he loses his taco.  I’m really excited for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 now that Thor is part of the team.  And, I think Infinity War was way better than Endgame, by quite a bit.

GO: Just a couple more things I’d like to talk about.  How did you feel about Captain Marvel in Endgame?

JO: I feel like she was not in the movie.  I thought that she should have had a big part in the movie, but no.

GO: I agree, it was weird how much set up there was for her, and she didn’t really fit into the movie much at all.  I also thought she was really unlikable.  She was kind of rude to everyone else and acted like she was too good to help.  Maybe this is part of her character growth, and she will learn how to get along with others and become a leader over the next phase of movies.

GO: How about that final battle?  There were so many characters, all of them, even Howard the Duck was in there.  What was the best part of the battle?  And, how did you feel when everybody started showing up again?

JO: When the portals opened up I was so happy.  I was like “oh, my gosh,” I loved that part.

GO: It was a pretty special moment.  I also loved Spider-Man flipping through the battle and his instant kill mode.  So, out of a score of 10 Pym particles, how many particles would you give Endgame?

JO: 9, most of it was awesome except for captain marvel like almost not in the movie.

GO: Wow, big score!  I would probably give it an 8.  Is this your new favourite MCU movie, or where does it fit in with those movies?

JO: This is my second favourite, Thor: Ragnarok is my number 1.

GO: Awesome, well that wraps us up on this review.  I think our next big movie at the theatres is probably Detective Pikachu.  So, we will have to figure out a film that is already out to review next week.  Any ideas?  Anything you want to see?

JO: Not really, I am excited for Star Wars though.

GO: Excellent, well maybe we should go back and review some of the older Star Wars films.

GO: Great, do you want to thank everyone who reads this and sign us off?

JO: Thank you, whoever you are for reading this, and my dad’s blog!

GO: Thank you!


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  1. Nancy says:

    Hey Green- you got a pretty adorable kid (but you already knew that)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      He’s okay, I guess

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nancy says:

        My three are okay too…most of the time 😉


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