Your blogging superhero that has absolutely no powers.  Nerd of literature and other such expressive art.  Sensational partner, amazing father, spectacular ninja-like chef.

I have been reading comic books since I have been able to read. Approaching 25 years of experience with the media. I have somewhere around 20 full long boxes of books and thousands invested.

The book world is expansive and diverse, but comic nerds are their own breed. As someone who moved from comics to novels I notice lots of readers wanting to get into more graphic novels. Especially as the media has spanned and gained popularity in more genres.

I am a constant reader of comics, novels and nightly bedtime stories to my two beautiful children Zyler and Alexandra. My incessant raddling about these fantasy worlds I delve into is beginning to show its wear on my patient partner, Jennifer. Alas, I still wish to share my experiences and knowledge of the literary world. Voila, such is born, Green Onions Blog, which will focus on my bookish adventures as my interests and life are slowly poured out and shared with any of you that give a care.