Longbox Select: Slingers #1

Let’s look back at a comic that had a lot of potential, but far too many obstacles in its way. The Slingers are part of a struggling time in comic history.

Comic Review: Gideon Falls #6

Gideon Falls has been a complex story already. But, the conclusion of the first chapter brings up the intensity and breaks the mold of artistic choices.

Superhero Zodiac Signs

As I delve deeper into my own personality and how the stars aligned to help carve my nature, it interests me to see other peoples traits come out based on their birth. As I wrote up Augusts Pop Culture History, I found it a bit shocking that Spider-Man was first seen in August, and he…

Top Ten Hopes for Fantastic Four

Just one more sleep until the return of the Fantastic Four. The comic book that started it all for Marvel should have never been pulled off the shelves, but after all those terrible movies I suppose they felt there was nothing left to do. No worries anymore though as they are finally coming home and…

Comic Review: The Terrifics #6

The Background- DC is lucky enough to squeeze out one more issue of The Terrifics before Marvel brings home their own super-powered foursome. It was a blatant move when DC decided to make their own version of the Fantastic Four, and they weren’t trying to hide it. Even the competition knew that the world was…