Episode Four: Plog-normal Activity

There is a new Plog episode up! Have a listen and here big questions like, do ghosts exist? Are aliens real? Who should play the next Joker? Or, what if the Porgs eat Chewbacca? Here’s a link for you! Make sure to follow Plog at plogcasting.wordpress.com As well as on Podomatic at plog.podomatic.com Thanks!

Top 10 Fictional Ghosts

​Opening weekend for a long over due, new Ghostbusters movie.  Although, I will miss Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, and especially Rick Moranis; I am excited for the fresh look and new cast.  Ghostbusters was a major deal in my youth from film to cartoons, and I loved everything Rick Moranis had a part in.  So…